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HDP5000 Card Printer and Encoder

 Fargo HDP5000 ID Card Printer and Encoder

Equipped for the next generation of ID card solutions

The functionality of ID cards is expanding as organizations find a greater need for enhanced security options and versatility with their card applications. From access control to biometrics, today’s card technology allows users to build ID cards that go well beyond a simple name badge with a photo. Fargo’s latest entry, the HDP5000, is built to meet and exceed the requirements for printing and encoding the most sophisticated, high definition, multifunctional ID cards.

Advanced smart card encoding

Already an industry leader when it comes to building secure, versatile and advanced ID card systems, Fargo reaches for the pinnacle of proximity and smart card technology with the introduction of the HDP5000. Whether your organization’s needs include access control for high-security facilities, authorized access for networks and PCs, secure storage of personal data, financial transaction functionality and beyond, the Fargo HDP5000 is up to the task.

High definition printing

The HDP5000 creates high definition cards with unmatched image quality. Rather than printing directly onto the surface of a card, the HDP5000 prints a reverse image on the underside of a special high definition film. The film is then fused to the card’s surface which not only gives it a sharp and vivid appearance, but also provides a layer of protection from wear and tear, as well as tampering. Additionally, by printing to film, the HDP5000 produces high-quality results even on smart cards with uneven surfaces.

Modular design allows for expansion

The HDP5000 is fully capable of expanding to meet your organization’s needs, even as they grow and change. Its modular design makes upgrading a simple and seamless process. From basic single-sided printing to simultaneous dual-sided lamination with sophisticated encoding, there are no limits with the HDP5000. And if you start with a basic unit, the simple addition of an optional module is all it takes to push the printer to the next level of sophistication and versatility.

HDP5000 Features


  • Options for magnetic stripe, proximity, and smart card encoding.
  • Modular design allows system to easily upgrade to dual-sided printing, lamination, and enhanced encoding capabilities.
  • USB and Ethernet connectivity.
  • Internal print server.
  • Convenient snap-in cartridges for cards, ribbons, and overlaminates.
  • Fast and durable, capable of handling the biggest production jobs.



Warranty Years 1
Printer Cost-Per-Card ~$0.43
Printing Technology Reverse Transfer
Printing Capacity Per Year High Volume
Single/Double Sided Single-Sided
Color Capability Color
Lamination No
Encoding Field Upgradeable
Interface Network/Ethernet, USB
Printer Compatibility Fargo HDP5000
Printer Color Grey