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About Us

tsi has been supplying packaging, handling and RFID equipment worldwide for over 25 years and our systems are in use with world leading fullfilment, retailers, manufacturers, distribution  companies. tsi offers EAM antitheft Source Tagging applicators for  Sensormatic AM Ultra-Strip and Checkpoint  RF auto apply labels and also regular adhesive labels.


Customers include: Sonoco, Gillette, P&G, OTC Pharma, Lenox Tools, HP, Printmet, Ilsemann, Gima, Illig, RedBox movie rentals and countless carton folding manufacturers . The tsi/EAM Mini-St series, with its small size and competitive pricing opens many options for those who would like to add source tagging to existing fulfillment or automated packaging lines.

We also offer an ever expanding range of IT solutions and services for the RFID and security industries.