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Production system for fully automated burning and printing of CD/DVD-Media for PACS and DICOM applications


The DICOM Robot is a network-based Dicom solution that enables the output of DICOM data on CDs on DVDs. Equipped with a professional CD Label Printer the CD Robot not only burns your discs but also finishes off your blank media with your professionally created design.

This eliminates the risk of confusing patient data CDs.
A DICOM viewer is automatically burned onto every blank media in addition to the DICOM data in order for it to be accessible on any PC. Any desired viewer can be added to the discs.
DICOM Robots are the perfect solution for transferring patient data for example when patients are referred to another doctor or want to keep copies of their own medical images on so-called patient CDs. These DICOM CDs replace conventional analog films and can therefore reduce the consumables cost drastically.
The cost for each finished CD is at about 40-50 cent.



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DICOM CDs are used for:

-Doctor referrals
-Viewing in the operating room



Which advantages does a digital PACS system offer?

  • Multiple DICOM images on one disc
  • Recording image data onto discs while simultaneously printing a label
  • Spreading image data on multiple discs in case one does not suffice
  • The queue allows the processing of multiple jobs consecutively
  • DICOMDIR folder is created automatically
  • Lower costs than radiographic film
  • Complete log file that documents all assignments





The DICOM station is more than just a conventional CD Robot. The software is the core of this unique system that operates with a fully integrated CPU. The integrated LINUX kernel makes the device’s processing absolutely safe. The encapsulated system is sealed off making unauthorized software changes impossible.
In order to grant different  departments access to the DICOM Robot it is possible to connect it to several servers in a modular way. This way multiple stations in multiple departments can access the DICOM Robot without granting access to each other’s data.



Simple Installation
Data can be sent from any DICOM device in your network to the Dicom Media Server (DMS 3200). After connecting the Robot to your network via Ethernet interface it can be detected by any radiological device as new DICOM output device. For this purpose use the individually assigned DICOM ID.


Web Interface
You can access the device from any web browser and make changes to queue of jobs like deleting or setting the priority of different jobs. Accessing all settings over the network, without having to physically be in front of the machine, can save a lot of unnecessary walking and help boost performance.
Print Function
The device is preset to print a standard label showing print data. Add the company logo and image data to create a professional label design.


 Disc CreationThe label information is printed along with dynamic data such as patient name, date,device details, texts or barcodes.